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Leaving no part of the agave behind

Our Mission

To reduce single-use plastic in the environment by upcycling residual agave waste to create biodegradable solutions.

Our Story

The Sustainable Agave Company was born out of the waste created from tequila - and a desire to reduce the environmental impact in rural Mexico. Tequila production creates millions of tonnes of residual waste every single year - causing a tremendous negative environmental impact. Sustainable Agave Company repurposes the waste of tequila production into innovative, useful, sustainable and biodegradable products. Our goal is to encourage our partners to replace single-use plastics with sustainable agave-based products that are exciting and environmentally beneficial. 

Our Factory

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Our Process: Upcycling the Waste from Tequila

Tequila production involves extracting all juices and sugars from the agave plant. The residual fiber that remains is known as the bagazo; and it has become a major environmental problem. Every litre of tequila produced generates over 10lbs of bagazo. As a result millions of tonnes of bagazo waste are produced every year and dumped into landfills in rural Mexico. This is devastating to the environment as methanol and acidity from the bagazo seep into the soil, contaminating the land and water with dangerous pollutants. By upcycling the bagazo, we use the agave plant material a second time - to create biodegradable solutions that reduce its negative environmental impact.

Our Four Pillars of Sustainability


Our water system is a closed circuit system, where only evaporated water is refilled. This ensures that no water is wasted.


Our production process is based on low energy consumption, which allows us to use renewable energies such as solar, wind and hydroelectric power.

Raw materials

Our products are made from the residual material of Tequila production. As a result, each unit   created is a sustainable, biodegradable and ecologically-friendly product. Simply put, we use materials that otherwise would be wasted. Further, we do not harvest any one-time use products for any of our production processes.

Our Team

We invest in our people. Besides paying above market wages to the members of our team, we also offer insurance to many of our workers. In addition, we provide our staff with continuous training and development opportunities - as they grow, so do we. We are currently pursuing the Fair Trade designation.

Our Process

Upcycling the Waste from Tequila

Developing New Sustainable Products

Our innovation department is focused on creating new and unique agave-fiber based products that meet your needs.  Check out some of the new items we are working on here (Link to Innovation collection) Have an idea for us? Please reach out to us: innovation@sustainableagavecompany.com

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Laura Sheppard

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