100% Biodegradable
Plastic Alternative



The Sustainable Agave Solution

We strive to eliminate agave waste and eliminate Single Use Plastics. We upcycle agave waste as the primary ingredient to create environmentally safe, biodegradable and compostable agave products.

Single-use plastics are ubiquitous and environmentally devastating - it is our goal to take these products off the market and out of circulation. We started with straws, and the demand for much more has led us to develop a portfolio of agave fiber products for the foodservice and retail industries. We are constantly innovating - creating new products from agave fiber.

Check out our Innovation collection to see what we’re working on. 

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Benefits of Agave Products

Sturdy For Any Use

Unlike paper products, agave products don’t get soggy when used in hot or cold situations. This is due to the natural fibrous material of the agave plant - which is stronger than paper, and naturally resists liquid. Our agave products are heat resistant and can be used with hot liquids up to 180 degrees Celsius. 

100% Biodegradable

Our products naturally start to biodegrade in 6 weeks and fully break-down to decompose within 6 months. They are naturally Gluten-Free, certified biodegradable, and FDA Approved. They are also recyclable and reusable.

Eco Friendly

A sustainable alternative to plastic made with leftover materials from tequila and agave nectar production. No plants are destroyed for the purpose of creating our products, unlike most paper products. We seek to reuse as much of our residual plant material as possible, diverting waste from polluting the rural Mexican landscape.