pounds of agave waste diverted from the landfill

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Creating Sustainable Products for Some of the World's Largest Chains

The Sustainable Agave Company has a dedicated Innovation Team building world-leading products with revolutionary formulas.

We have developed custom packaging and quick service items by repurposing waste and have collaborated with some of the largest biodegradable and compostable testing and certifying organization in the world.

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Innovation Capabilities

Introducing our revolutionary Sustainable Agave Company product innovations capabilities.

Endless options crafted with upcycled agave to reshape the concept of single-use.

Embrace a future where innovation meets sustainability.

Sustainable Agave Company cosmetic containers, barware, and consumer goods packaging can be made available in a variety small and large of sizes.

We serve the needs of multiple market segments. 

Manufacturing process by injection 

Injected products breakdown timelines 

Plastic - degradation time in soil: 100 years (for thickness < 1mm)

PLA - degradation time in soil: 12-24 months

Our Agave Formula - degradation time in soil: 10 months

* All products can be industrial compostable certified with a maximum thickness of 3.2mm

Manufacturing process by thermoforming

Cerifiably Good.

Our proprietary formula can be used to produce products that meet BPI composability certifications

* All products can be industrial compostable certified with a maximum thickness of 1.5mm

Proprietary Agave-Based Resin Pellets 

Our proprietary agave-based resin is available internationally to be used as a processed material through thermoforming and injection molding for all your consumer goods packaging needs.

Biodegration in soil timeline


100 years (for thickness < 1 mm).


12-24 months.

Agave Formula

10-24 months

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