pounds of agave waste diverted from the landfill

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Eco-Friendly Restaurant Supplies

Founded in March 2020, Sustainable Agave Company emerged in response to the environmental impact caused by millions of tons of residual agave waste from tequila production.

In just a few years, we have sold over 700 million upcycled and biodegradable items across thousands of bars and restaurants in North America.

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Introducing our revolutionary line of Sustainable Agave Products, meticulously crafted from upcycled materials to reshape sustainability. Unlike competitors relying on resource-intensive options like canola (PHA), sugarcane (PLA), trees, and wood (Paper), our products champion a resource-conscious approach.

Say goodbye to sogginess—cherished by customers nationwide, our items stand strong, offering an on-trend, eco-conscious alternative favored by customers looking beyond fossil-fuel intensive single-use plastics.

Embrace a future where innovation meets environmental respect.

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