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Sustainable Agave commits 1% of sales to reforesting the Colorado River Delta

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond our products

Here at the Sustainable Agave Company, we care about - you guessed it - sustainability. As a result, we have committed 1% of our sales to reforest and restore the Colorado River Delta. This year, our donation will be used to plant trees and revitalize more land in the Miguel Alemán restoration site, Mexicali, Baja California. 

In parts of Mexico, the Colorado River has essentially dried up. The result has created a devastating impact on the North American ecosystem. Partnering with Pronatura Noroeste, a non-profit organization driving nature conservancy in Mexico for over 30 years, our contribution will support our local communities and economies by providing a natural habitat for thousands of species of birds, wildlife, and vegetation. 

Reforesting the Colorado River Delta

Reforesting and developing the Colorado River Delta will positively impact communities in Northwest Mexico and span as far as Arizona and California, too. We're not just planting trees, either. Restoration provides green space and habitat improvement for flora and fauna. For example, Pronatura Noroeste has identified over 370 species and recorded more than 200,000 shorebirds and 60,000 ducks and geese along the river corridor. These animals deserve a safe and sustainable home. 

Our goal is to reduce the devastating impact of climate change. Reforesting the Colorado River Delta helps provide oxygen to the local environment and reduces harmful carbon emissions. By supporting the Sustainable Agave Company, you are helping to restore the critical river ecosystem that supports both the United States and Mexico. 

For each case or box of product purchased, you will be contributing to the Sustainable Agave Company and Pronatura Noroeste's efforts to reforest and restore the Colorado River Delta. 

About Pronatura Noroeste: To date, Pronatura Noroeste has restored over 170 hectares at the Miguel Alemán restoration site. They have protected over 266,000 hectares and supported 20 Natural Protected Areas in Mexico. To find out more, visit their website. Picture courtesy of Pronatura Noroeste.

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