pounds of agave waste diverted from the landfill

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Black Agave-Based Straws

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Our Sustainable Agave-Based Straws are made from upcycled materials, reducing the need for virgin raw material consumption that paper and wood alternatives require.

They provide a durable plastic alternative that is biodegradable.

Our products prioritize both environmental sustainability and customer satisfaction.

  • Made with upcycled agave 
  • Durable & Biodegradable: does not get soggy
  • Eco-friendly plastic alternative

Available in:

5" Cocktail Regular (6mm diameter) Unwrapped Straws (8000 pcs)

5" Cocktail Regular (6mm diameter) Wrapped & Branded Straws (5000 pcs)

8" Regular (6mm diameter) Wrapped (Unbranded) Straws (5000 pcs)

8" Regular (6mm diameter) Wrapped & Branded Straws (5000 pcs)

8" Jumbo (9mm diameter) Wrapped (Unbranded) (5000 pcs)


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